I was actually really invested at these at one time (in that I regularly watched them). But there came a point when...ugh. Some of these may be a sore spot for some of you (ooh, controversy! πŸ“ΊπŸ˜‘).
  1. β€’
    The Office πŸ“ 
    Let's all be honest with each other: it should have ended at the Pam/Jim wedding. The Michael/Pam's mom storyline was too much. But I plowed on for love of those characters. Michael left. I plowed on out of curiosity to see what would happen with the branch manager guest star extravaganza. Robert California has some decidedly funny bits, but the heart of the show was gone. I gave it up early 8th season. Returned for finale, in which Steve Carell & Michael's storyline were utter perfection.
  2. β€’
    Friday Night Lights 🏈
    I do understand the love for this show. Natural acting from a great cast. A realistic setting & situations (Landry manslaughter aside). I started this on Netflix after every critic & friend told me I would adore it. And I made it about as far as the end of Street's storyline. Viewings between episodes became longer & longer. I kept forgetting to tune in, which just doesn't happen when you love a show. I realized I had to let it go for greener pastures & haven't returned
  3. β€’
    Friends β˜•οΈ
    This show ran the entire length of my high school & college years. There was a time I had the sharing-a-milkshake poster on my wall. My sorority used to have viewing nights on Thursdays before we went out to parties. I think it was around the Joey/Rachel romance that I realized I didn't like any of the characters anymore. I heard my beloved Paul Rudd was a part of the show later, but I still can't bring myself to check out the last couple seasons
  4. β€’
    The Walking Dead πŸ’€
    Y'all, I actually enjoy horror & gore & existential end-of-days stuff. But the stories I like have a theme or at least an overall direction/point. This show has suffered from lack of overall direction & too many show runners. They can't even decide if the message is society/trust in humanity will aid survival or if they're just gunning for survival-is-meaningless-what's-the-point-of-it-all. After the whiplash that was season 4, I didn't bother coming back
  5. β€’
    Honorable Mention: Orange Is the New Black 🍊
    I WILL return to this one. In this year's season I powered through all the way to the showdown between the 10 dead flies or the baby mouse. That's when I realize that I need a break from the serious misery porn that's going on this season. I will watch the rest, but I have a feeling of dread in my stomach over the outcome for a lot of these characters (paradoxically, that's what makes this show an important one to view)