For all its superior marketing madness, Disney has really failed to throw some weight behind some of their films. No toys. No (or few) mentions in their theme parks by way of rides/shows/characters. Here are some of my fave unsung heroes who don't get the so-called "white glove treatment" by the House of Mouse
  1. Wreck It Ralph
    As a child of the 80s/90s, this movie is rife with glorious video game nostalgia; inside jokes galore. The voice casting is spot on: John C Reilly is the perfect man to nail the confusion and heartache of a game villain trying to carve out an identity beyond his hated bad-guy persona. This one speaks so much to the ideals of friendship, separation of work & home life, and on trying to figure out what you stand for. I watched w/ my kids on a whim & ended up in happy tears by the end. Just me?
  2. The Sword and the Stone
    MAD 👏🏽 MADAM 👏🏽 MIM 👏🏽 This film is about striving for more, one of the first Disney films that encouraged kids to work (not just wish) for their dreams. Merlin is the voice of education, and his battle of the wits with Mim is epic. The songs are fun, the magic is groovy, and we get to see a down-trodden kid come out on top. Mim is one of the best villains ever for her combo funny/creepy/sly ways. I want a Merlin/Mim battle show or ride at the parks, not just the sword-pulling business
  3. The Princess & the Frog
    It is a damn shame that Disneyland has not used New Orleans Square area to make a bigger deal out of this movie. They should totally repurpose one of the restaurants to be Tiana's Place (at the very least). The music is great (Dr John for the win!!), the villain utterly creepy (yay, Keith David!), and the animation beautiful. And this is truly a princess worth emulating - Tiana is loyal and a very hard worker. She's not gonna let wishing on stars & daring princes decide her future
  4. The Emperor's New Groove
    This is hands-down one of the most hilarious & quotable Disney films of all time. I first saw it in college (totally randomly, stone-cold sober) and I nearly peed my pants from laughing. It holds up years later, largely due to voice casting - David Spade as egocentric emperor, John Goodman as adorable Everyman, Eartha Kitt as has-been villain, Patrick Wharburton as villain's clueless patsy. Everyone is perfection
  5. A Goofy Movie
    SOLID SOUNDTRACK! Tevin Campbell jamz for the win. It's funny (uh-huyuck, it's Goofy after all), and it has so much heart and sweetness about appreciating your loving (if embarrassing) family. The song I2I will actually make you want to memorize "the perfect cast" dance. Then call your dad to tell him that he's cool & you love him
  6. What did I miss?