The very first ep I ever saw was the one where Linda just wants her family to leave her alone for her birthday, then she had the worst day ever. As I laughed through my tears, I knew I had found my cartoon doppelgänger (personality-wise)
  1. Let's start with the obvious...we're both Mamas
    Calls her kids babies, highly affectionate, always pushing them to learn new things, willing to coach them
  2. She can't lie
    "Sorry we're late; Bob had diarrhea"
  3. Likes her drink
    May also be a bad influence on her husband regarding this matter
  4. Red glasses
  5. Calls her husband Bobby
    Literally my dude's name
  6. Breaks into song spontaneously about whatever's happening in that moment
    Just making them up on the fly. ALL THE TIME. Her kids love it just as much as mine do
  7. Enamored of theatre (or live performances of any kind, really)
    Or just a general enthusiasm for everything. Optimism, alright!!
  8. Adores family game night
    Is upset when no one else is as into it as she is
  9. Fully supports husband's endeavors
    ...only occasionally trying to one-up them
  10. Adores the holidays
    Not an exaggeration
  11. Will always go whole hog on making her husband live a full experience
    When Lin made them chaperone the school dance & brought schnapps & cried in the bathroom so Bobby could experience the dance her never attended? That's my level of commitment right there
  12. Sick dance moves
    And willing to get down whenever the mood strikes