Poor @lexie_elyse - is this a cry for help? Godspeed, lady!
  1. Cushion/blanket forts
    It really can be insanely simple. Kids love a hidey-hole. You could even just push 2 dining chairs close to each other & drape a blanket to connect them. If you bring a flashlight (or is they have one of those star-shining nightlights), that goes over well. Turn off lights, hide inside with them, & whisper.
  2. Cloud dough
    8 cups of flour mixed with 1 cup vegetable oil. That's it. Makes a fun squishy dough - drive toy cars through it, bury small plastic toys in it, dig in it with spoons. Let kid help you mix it; they love that. Also, you'll want to play with this in the yard or on the patio/porch for easy clean up.
  3. Sorting things by color
    Sounds overly simple, but this age group is all about collecting stuff and putting them in piles. Grab a few bowls or trays (kitchen is great for this), then gather a pile of toys, crayons, leaves from outside, whatever. Put one color item into each bowl/tray. Help them put green things in one, orange things in another, etc. Dump them all out & do it again.
  4. Dance party
    I highly recommend early Beatles for this, especially if you can sing along & teach them lyrics. Yellow Submarine, Octopus's Garden, Hold Your Hand - these are all simple fun songs that kids actually sorta get. My kids also dug Elvis.
  5. Painting
    Another outside activity. Use different tools to paint - fingers & brushes, sure. But also try paint on toy car tires & rolling it on paper. Paint leaves & press them to paper. Talk about the different shapes.
  6. "Cooking"
    Also requires clean up. Set out random small sampling of ingredients, give kid bowl & spoon & measuring spoons. Let them make whatever gross concoction they desire. No one has to eat it.
  7. Play in the bath
    When all else fails. You can always buy a cheapo can of shaving cream and put some in the bath for squishing around
  8. Play copy cat
    Tiny kid version of Simon Says. You mirror them, they mirror you. We like to hold up a hola hoop as a "frame" so it's like you're looking in a mirror
  9. Good luck!! 🙌🏽