Thanks! @pili_ervin 👍🏽
    a friend requested that I send her a photos of me at the particular moment when I happened to be sitting on the floor of my dirty bedroom with my closet open behind me
    See below... ⬇️⬇️⬇️
  3. So this past spring I decided I was going to start trying to do things that I've been too chicken to do, despite the fact I really wanted to do them
    Don't we all go through this phase eventually?
  4. One of those things was acting again
    I did a lot of theatre in my college days, but once I graduated & started working I never really found the time to keep going with it
  5. Flash forward 12 years after my last acting gig, & I brazenly signed myself up for a local community theatre open audition
    It was for this theatre's full annual season, so it was about 400 people auditioning for 7 various shows. Not important to this story per se, but I find the different audition processes to be just interesting & a little nuts & I thought it was vaguely interesting info to include here
  6. Any theatre audition requires headshots & a resume
    The resume part was honestly hilarious to put together as I have had zero training/experience in over a decade. Reading tons of books & reenacting movie scenes for your kids apparently does not count as acting if your audience is of no more than 2. Only special skill I could honestly claim is my ability to do a Southern dialect
  7. I needed to take photos for the headshots, so I carefully did my makeup to look like me (but the best version of me, if you will)
    ✨clean & sparkly put-together Deidre✨
  8. One of my best friends used to do theatre with me in college
    And she had been helping give me pointers on my monologues & was curious about what my look was going to be for my headshot
  9. This friend had been going through a really tough time lately
    She had been very depressed for a few months, & I had been one of the big sources of support for her. She really went out of her way to be helpful while I was working on auditioning. She said it made her feel so much better to "pay me back" in a way. I guess anyone prefers being useful over being the one who needs others all the time. I really appreciated her kindness so much, & her efforts reminded me (& herself) that she's still capable of great things
  10. On the day my husband was going to take my headshots, my friend wanted to give final hair/makeup approval for me
    She's always been way better than me at that stuff
  11. So I sat right where I was & took a selfie
    It happened I was sitting my my bedroom floor, leaning against the bed. The closet is open because I was still rifling through a few tops. After seeing this photo, my gal told me to wear a green sweater to show off my eyes. She was totally right & I wore it
  12. In a weird way, this photo kinda reminds me to listen to others
    My friend had been leaning on others so much for so long, she really needed to be the advice-giver. When things are crappy, you need a win. Sometimes that's even in a small act like getting to be the expert or helping someone else when you've needed so much help yourself
  13. I didn't get cast in any of the shows
    But my friend is still here. We're still trying to listen to each other. That's a win for now