Why You Should Go to Your Local Library

Didn't you know libraries are the world's most perfect and amazing places of magic?
  1. IT'S FREE
    No, for reals. You don't have to pay a thing to head inside. You can also stay as long as you damn well please (within visiting hours) and NO ONE CARES. You can get a card FOR FREE and that enables you to get books, music, movies, and various other available media FOR FREE that you can then take back to your home for a few weeks. HOT DAMN 🚫💰🚫
  2. Most of them have clubs, lectures, plays, and concerts 📖💃🏽🎭🎶
  3. If you have kids with you, it's the cheapest place to play, other than a park
    BECAUSE IT'S FREE. Bonus - many libraries also host baller children sections with story times, music, movie screenings, or even play areas and art projects
  4. They're pretty comfy
    Couches, cushy chairs, study carrels, big tables for spreading out, some even have fire places
  5. Books
  6. Ghosts
    At least in Ghostbusters
  7. But more importantly, BOOKS