I normally love that I get to stay home with my kids, & I'm happy to not be a full time working parent anymore. Except on days when I am sick (stuffy nose, achy body, sore throat, exhausted). Then I miss day care & calling in sick & having the house to myself. School has not started, nor is it a preschool morning. They are not sick; I'm outnumbered
  1. Wish
    That I was in pajamas of any kind
  2. Reality
    Ill-fitting Jean shorts & grubby black tee
  3. Wish
    Hot tea, with a large pot in a tea cozy at my side for fill ups
  4. Reality
    Tea that quickly grew lukewarm as I had to get kids their post-breakfast snack (yeah, my kids insist they are hungry 20 minutes after the meal, no matter how large/filling their breakfast) & unload the dishwasher. Microwaved tea does not retain hotness. My throat is sad
  5. Wish
    Hot bath, lavender Epsom salts for the aches
  6. Reality
    Sitting on cold bathroom floor, reading Curious George to my son for the 5th time today while he tries (& fails) to poo. My lower back is sad
  7. Wish
    Lying in bed or on the couch with lots of pillows to prop me up
  8. Reality
    Sitting on wooden chair while top half of me splays across the kitchen table while son insists I do Playdoh with him
  9. Wish
    Netflix binging. I like dark material when I'm sick (seeing fictional misery of others weirdly makes me feel better). I'd finally get around to watching Top of the Lake or rewatching the glorious Sunset Boulevard
  10. Reality
    Put on DVD of Hook for the kids, only to pause it every 20 minutes to break up an argument or shoot down another snack request (since it was only 9am!!!). Finally give up on this 1/2 way through the movie, ply then with yet another snack & send them upstairs for 20 minutes of alone time (which is all I could wrangle before arguing started again)
  11. Wish
    Won ton or tom yum soup
  12. Reality
    Maybe a fruit pouch from Trader Joe's followed by day-old ratatouille leftovers & a handful of crackers
  13. Wish
    A nap
  14. Reality
    Maybe shutting my eyes for 5 minutes while they have "quiet time" in their bedrooms before mysterious thumps & door slams & requests to help with poo situation cause me to get up & investigate
  15. Wish
    That I wasn't such a whiner over being sick with my kids around
  16. Reality
    This li.st