Aw, @veshecco making us think all the deep thinks! 💛 But truly, thanks for setting the precedent on serious sharing with this topic. I would have regurgitated my I'm Really Linda Belcher list otherwise 😬
  1. If you sit on LRs for a long time before actually making a list
    Usually because the topic is a good one & I really want to think about & process it & give it its due...which means I am usually beyond fashionably late to the party when the topic has caught on & by that point there are tons of beautiful lists out there on said topic but I sorta slide mine into the bottom of the pile last minute like a 7th grader turning in late homework. But also because LRs are all mixed in with drafts & I can't find anything anymore 🤦🏻‍♀️
  2. If you have certain talents & dreams but you sorta self-sabotage or don't make a full effort so you don't have to really test whether those talents are true or if your dreams are sustainable
    This happens with writing mostly. Not enough drafts, not dedicating real time to it, not sending pitches anywhere beyond 1-2 rejections. And giving up on acting years ago instead of giving it a proper shot
  3. If you love to give advice
    It's ALWAYS easier on the outside looking in. But you try really, really hard not to do this without being asked
  4. If you read often & on a wide variety of topics
    I could have gone to school forever so I could read books & talk about them with others. I am that person in the book club who makes an honest effort to discuss theme & the author's influences. The only thing that stopped me from teaching Literature is that I wouldn't want to get stuck in a curriculum where I'm teaching the same works year after year
  5. If you are sorta freaked out that you have now been in your house longer than you've been in any one home your whole life
    7.5 years was the longest when I was a kid (although 4 schools during that time, so still was the perpetual new kid) - I'll pass that mark this summer in my current home. Evokes a lot of wondering if we're here because it's right or because we've settled & are becoming complacent
  6. If you stop yourself from complaining too much about your life because you feel guilty almost every time you check the news & realize just how lucky you are
    You stop whining about how you haven't been on vacation in months & make a donation to the food bank instead. Your family is healthy. You have a home & savings. Quit your bitchin. At least until the next annoyance comes along
  7. If you make grand plans in your head for time spent with your kids, but they usually get pared down about 25% by the time you actually embark on your adventure
    A day at a museum in SF will transform into hitting our local suburban mini kids zoo because you don't want to drive in the torrents of rain
  8. If your thoughts are more fully formed & better explained in writing than in person
    You really do need that extra bit of time to delete phrases & come up with better ones
  9. If you don't call your parents enough
    Even though they are two of your favorite people in the whole wide world
  10. If you really enjoy spending time with yourself
    A left over result from being the new kid so often. When I go on trips with other people outside my immediate family, I have to disappear for an hour or 2 at some point
  11. If you don't enjoy spas
    Strangers rubbing my body is not a thing I'm into. I actually find it stressful & a little boring. I'd rather relax by hiking, yoga, or reading
  12. If you've ever vaguely dreamed of being an audiobook actor, a tambourine girl in a band (crescent-shaped ones only), a librarian at the Folger Shakespeare Library, or working at at a small family winery in Sonoma, or a cookbook author