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I'm not a vegetarian, meat just isn't on this list because there isn't one kind of meat that I regularly make.
  1. Coffee
    A small pot a day
  2. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
  3. Peanut butter sandwiches
    When I run out of jelly
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I went to undergrad at a private school with a bunch of rich kids, so the lost and found was more like a free for all.
  1. An Owls baseball sweatshirt
    I'm number 37! Go team
  2. Some plain grey sweatpants
  3. A pair of Adidas socks
    One of the most comfortable pairs I own.
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A list in honor of weed being legalized in my state yeaterday.
  1. Apple
  2. Banana
  3. Gatorade bottle
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a list I said I would write a while back, before I got sidetracked by life.
  1. The funny guy
    I have never been the funny guy until now, but I am just very sarcastic and have been told by multiple people that I am hilarious so that's that.
  2. The chill guy
    I've learned to take life one day at a time, so I tend to be just pretty unbothered by whatever life throws at me, which I guess is a revolutionary topic.
  3. The guy who doesn't study.
    It goes with the above. I do study, so this one bothers me.
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I like to write haikus for relaxation and to challenge myself. What should I write some about?
since I haven't been on in a while, I have a lot of pent up lists that I will release (after midterm week maybe)
  1. Reasons why I suddenly feel like a grown-ass adult at 22
  2. Reputations I have begun to gain in school
  3. Things I have been doing to procrastinate
    I can finally add this app to that list.
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Wayne is a dude I worked with over the summer (meant to post earlier, but my app wouldn't load)
  1. It's not a good piss unless you fart.
  2. If you're on time, you're late.
  3. Did you know you can drive with your knees?
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  1. Now I know why [our boss] is learning spanish.
  2. What are you going to do, break my hip?
  3. Barry Manilow!
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I went out windjamming around Maine with some old friends from boy scouts.
  1. Wave to people
    Everybody on boats waves to eachother, so I am just going to start doing that in life, just wave to strangers as I pass them, be a friend.
  2. Share beer with others.
    Some of the other adults on the trip didn't think they could bring beer because it was boy scout related, so I tossed out a couple
  3. Younger kids don't understand how alcohol works
    They would often be like "oh Drew's going to get wasted" when I was drinking like my first beer
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