A list in honor of weed being legalized in my state yeaterday.
  1. Apple
  2. Banana
  3. Gatorade bottle
  4. Beer can
  5. Brass vase
  6. Glass watering vessel
    Might have been for pouring wine or watering house plants.
  7. 5 gallon office cooler bottle
  8. Bottle of skyy vodka paired with an empty container of country time lemonade
  9. Small CO2 cannister
    Like one that may be paired with your bb gun.
  10. My own fingers
    Before I ever bought a piece I would hold a bud by the stem and just light it.
  11. Mechanical pencil
    It was really just being used to hold a small roach but I'll count it
  12. Newports
    Used to pull all the tobacco out and refill them with weed because I read that Jimmi Hendrix used to do that.