I went to undergrad at a private school with a bunch of rich kids, so the lost and found was more like a free for all.
  1. An Owls baseball sweatshirt
    I'm number 37! Go team
  2. Some plain grey sweatpants
  3. A pair of Adidas socks
    One of the most comfortable pairs I own.
  4. A Spyder light ski jacket
    To be fair my boss actually found this one in a parking lot and said he was going to put it in the lost in found but he thought I might want it.
  5. A pair of Samsung headphones.
    They have the clicky thing to change volume and pause and skip songs
  6. Some pair of blue headphones
    They seem cheap and a little beat but they stay in my ears when they are sweaty so I wear them to the gym
  7. Several notebooks and binders
    Whenever I needed a notebook or binder I always checked the lost and found first.
  8. An umbrella
    A good, fill sized one, not one of those pocket sized flimsy pieces of shit.