I did some white water kayaking today, so here is some of the stuff I did, and some more that I wish I did. Let us all learn.
  1. Bring more water
    You will need it.
  2. Always explore
    Do you see a trail or a landing? Check it out. You might find a rope swing.
  3. Bring a pocket knife or some tool.
    We found a sweet rope swing but somebody screwed a 2x4 to it so that it was unusable.
  4. Apply sunscreen more often than you think you'd need it.
    I'm irish, so I need just a constant waterfall of sunscreen over my body.
  5. Take your camera
    Definitely in a dry bag, but you are going to want to take pictures of those sweet rapids you're riding. And bald eagles.
  6. Jump in the water early.
    Just hop on in, it's nice, and you're bound to get wet eventually, so do it on your own terms.