1. Oh man, I can't believe I'm watching my Mets in the World Series!
  2. No one's gonna hit off Matt Harvey, he's our ace
  3. Inside the park home run?? WTF?? You suck Harvey!
  4. Ok settle down, we got this, it's only 1-0
  5. Joe Buck is fucking annoying. Shut up already.
  6. The DH rule is stupid.
  7. Two on, two out, David Wright is up - we got this!!! Captain Clutch!!
  8. Fucking strike out. You suck Wright!!
  9. Nice play Flores!!
  10. I'd party with high voice Peyton Manning.
  11. Murphy!! Nice hit, getting this 4th inning started!!
  12. This infield shift thing is stupid. Just play your positions where you're supposed to. The third baseman is between first and second. Ridiculous.
  13. Duda!!!
  14. d'arnaud!!! 1-1!! Woohoooo!!! Here we go!!!
  15. I'd totally bang this AT&T Lily chick.
  16. Experiencing technical difficulties?? Fuck you Fox!! Get your shit together!!
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  17. Just give me some audio!! Something other than these analyst chuckleheads!
  18. Ok back on. Joe Torre needs Rogaine. Looks like it'll be the MLB broadcast on Fox. Thank God no Joe Buck.
  19. Nice play Wright! You're the man!
  20. Fox still not back up. Someone's getting fired. This MLB broadcast is so much better without having to listen to Joe Buck.
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  21. Granderson!!! I love you!! 2-1 Mets baby!!
  22. Ugh, Joe Buck found his way into the MLB broadcast booth. Probably threw a hissy fit and demanded the microphone.
  23. Nice play Flores!! Inning over!!!
  24. Cespedes!! Single to start the 6th!
  25. Who's the dope in the bright orange Marlins sweatshirt behind home plate?
  26. This pitcher Volquez needs a slap. Shirt unbuttoned, hat sideways. Ugh.
  27. Duda!!!
  28. You gotta swing the bat d'Arnaud!!
  29. Conforto with the sacrifice!! 3-1 Mets!!
  30. Ugh this Matthew McConaughey Lincoln poker playing commercial is so fucking annoying! What is the point? If it's to get me to hate jazz music, it's working!
  31. Come on Harvey, keep your shit together!!
  32. FUCK! 3-2
  33. Fox back on. Joe Buck blames it on the rain. Like Milli Vanilli.
  34. FUUUUUUUUUCKKK!!! Tie ballgame. You suck Harvwy!!
  35. Fuckin' Harvey. Ace my ass. DeGrom is the true ace.
  36. Ugh two outs. Come on Wright get a hit!
  37. Captain Clutch with the single!!
  38. Murphy!! On fire!! Two on two out - let's go Cespedes!!!
  39. Ugh. Cespedes.
  40. Oh no. Harvey done. Shaky Mets bullpen up. Come on Reed, don't blow it.
  41. If these announcers say "ambush" one more time I'm gonna punch someone in the face!
  42. What happened to beer commercials? It's all medications and McConaughey!
  43. Lagares!!! Great at bat!!
  44. Stolen base Lagares!!!
  45. Flores!!! Son of a Buckner!! Mets take the the lead 4-3!!
  46. Oh no Clippard is in. Why not use Familia for the last 6 outs??
  47. WTF?? Clippard you suck!!!
  48. Joe Buck likes to say shit to jinx players. Douche.
  49. Nice work Clippard!
  50. You suck Clippard!! Come on Collins - don't fuck around , get Clippard the fuck out and put in Familia for the last 4 outs!
  51. Familia in!! Yes!!
  52. Whew! That was some fucking bottom 8th!
  53. Ugh, this Wright stolen base is gonna be overturned.
  54. Come on Murphy!! Need some magic here!
  55. Damn it.
  56. Okay Mets, just three more outs!
  57. Just two more outs! You got this Familia - you're the man!!!
  58. Are you fucking kidding me??? 4-4. You suck Familia!!
  59. Come on Mets!! Top of the 10th here we go!
  60. Damn it.
  61. Okay bottom 10th, don't blow it Niese.
  62. Nice Neise!
  63. Come on Mets, let's finish this in the 11th... if you take much longer my wife's gonna be too tired to fool around!
  64. I'd love to be in the idea meetings for these Skittles commercials... probably hear some fucked up shit.
  65. Lagares with a sweet ass bunt!
  66. Holy shit Joe Buck does not shut the fuck up!! He talks from the wind up to the stretch to the catch or hit! Take a breath you a-hole!
  67. Could sure use some Mets magic about now.
  68. Come on Wright!! Captain Clutch time!! Two on, two out - let's do this!!
  69. You suck Wright! Captain Choke!
  70. What a catch by Granderson!! Wow!
  71. Rusty Kuntz. Clearly his parents hated him. You can say it's pronounced "COON-ts" all you want, that not how anyone is thinking it. Grade school must have been fucking hell for this poor bastard.
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  72. Neise!! Nice!
  73. Come on Mets! 12 innings? Well you've officially cock blocked me so you better fucking win!
  74. Bartolo Colon is fat.
  75. It's so late. So tired. They should start these games earlier. 14 innings is too long. Unless we win.
  76. Can't keep my eyes open but Royals better not score here.