1. Crab cakes
  2. Crab legs
  3. A wreath on display at Jo-Ann Fabrics
  4. My uncles crab bisque
    I love crab lol
  5. Snow from my car
    From that spot where all the snow kicked up by ur tires goes. U know, like right above them in that little space. Maybe it's called the wheel well? I think I've heard that word before!
  6. Bread
  7. Sprite Zero
    We put our cooler outside and get this, the soda turned into SLUSHIES! Big hit.
  8. A summer sausage and block of Vermont Aged White Cheddar
    Both in full, at same time
  9. The soul of a demon we accidentally summoned Christmas Eve w the Quija board
    It's name was Machi. *I* didn't think it was so bad but it started caused A LOT of problems at home.
  10. Goats blood
    This was during the cleansing ceremony that banished Machi back to its own realm. Kinda miss having it around
  11. Fruitcake
    A LOT of ppl don't like fruitcake but I do. I guess I'm just weird like that lol
  12. Steak