Scarborough : an incomplete list of things to do

  1. Explore the neighborhood
    Get out there and meet your neighbours, who knows where an unexpected visit may lead!
  2. Deep chats at the kitchen table
    You never know when the next thunder storm may hit so have topics ready so no one runs out of things to discuss.
  3. Hike
    You're in the land of the famous bluffs! Throw on some sneakers and hit the trails. If you're lucky a local might show you some (not so) shortcuts.
  4. Eat, drink and be merry
    Scarborough has so many world class restaurants. Pick any one and you won't be disappointed.
  5. Follow in the footsteps of Aubrey
    Drizzy has been here once or twice, ask the locals to show you all the spots Drake has touched so you can touch them too!