What I Would Be if I Was Not a Magician

I get asked this a lot and I think about it often. I've acquired a unique set of skills (much like Liam Niesson's character in 'Taken') but what would I do if I stopped performing?
  1. Chef
    Performing magic is a beautiful combination of science and art. Cooking is the same in my mind, equal parts scientific and artistic.
  2. FBI Agent
    I've been watching the TV show "Quantico". Also, I lie and manipulate people for entertainment, how cool to do the same thing for national security.
  3. High School Math Teacher
    My primary goal would be to be voted "teacher of the Year" every single year. I wouldn't even care if my students learned anything as long as I was their favorite.
  4. Broadway Musical performer
    I can't sing. I can't dance. But I would figure it out.
  5. Vita-Mix Demo Guy at Costco
    Do I need to explain this one? This guy is my hero!!