Inspired by @sammmreid
  1. First boyfriend, first kiss (a dark corridor at a university swim meet), first guy to come out to me: you're the only person who knows all my secrets and the only man I'll ever feel so much love and no desire for
  2. The back of your brother's pickup truck, the first time my stomach's ever turned with alcohol, you write on my Facebook sometimes and it makes me smile
  3. Cabo Cabo Cabo (Dan, was it?)
  4. "This is wrong, you're my best friend's brother," I whispered, but it was the night of my grandfather's funeral, so everything else was wrong too
  5. My childhood crush since age 8, we reconnected in your hot tub, you wanted me to go all the way but I refused due to Waiting For Love and fearing that I wouldn't fit into your sister's clothes I'd need to sneak out in
  6. Fun, innocent, harmless; you became a dear friend, which feels like the only adult bullet point on this list
  7. Ambien texts and sneaking around, 3 years later and every time you text I come running
  8. You were incredibly nice to me for incredibly too long, when we found each other years later all I could do was apologize with my mouth
  9. "You don't believe you're beautiful, do you? You don't even like me, do you?" you whispered as you tugged me down onto the bed by my waist, taking advantage of my thinly veiled insecurities and wobbling, intoxicated legs. I hate you for what you took from me that night.