This list is a test
  1. Did it work
  2. Should I pretend that this is just a fun meta posting or own that this is literally a test list
  3. Do people call them "postings" on this app or am I turning into my 60 year old dad
    Once, when I was in middle school, he stood over my shoulder while I was using AIM on the family computer and said "uh oh, uh oh, POS!" He thought it was a cool acronym kids typed meaning "parent over shoulder." I think about that story at least once a week and want to cry at how cute he was also I fear I've strayed from the point of my test list goodbye
  4. Should I delete this list once I confirm that I'm doing this correctly or be like nah man F that honor your truth, girl
  5. Anyway yes okay cool very cool also excellent goodbye!!!!