Two weeks in ICU and weird things are happening
  1. Taco Bell for every meal seems like a good idea
    The comfort food problem is real. I buy two or three burritos in the morning and eat them throughout the day. IRL this is a bad move.
  2. Resentment toward other families
    I've seen so many patients come and go and we are stuck here. I am mad that they get to leave and more forward while I am sitting and waiting. I have no control and can't plan a single thing for the future.
  3. External manifestations of internal pain
    Suppressing emotions so that you can make it through the day and keep negative energy out of the room can be good but sometimes a bed next door seems like it could be comfort. I want those pain meds and sedation too.
  4. Ok, fine. How about a tattoo
    A memorial and a little (or a lot) of pain all in one. I'm thinking big. I'm thinking color. My dad would hate it.
  5. I want a baby
    My dad loves kids and wants me to have one. I never planned on kids, ever, but I am seriously reconsidering that now.
  6. Is this my future too?
    There isn't any way to test for or prevent my dad's problem. Are my genetics leading me to the same conclusion?