on an ideal day, strive to check most of these while honoring space for being perfectly imperfect & real world occurrences ;)
  1. Wake up //
    stretch, drink full glass of water with lemon EO or fresh, meditate & or yoga practice, sun salutations to warm, connect, breathe, flow
  2. green drink //
    coconut or water // greens // fruit :: banana, mango or strawberry // superfoods!! // nut butter with choco or nilla protein // ginger // pep EO // take super multi greens + super B
  3. intentions //
    purpose :: why! declare, write it!! diffuse inspirational EO like :: Clarity, Brain Power, Magnify Your Purpose or mix own intuitive blend
  4. daily actions //
    planner time, what's time sensitive, classes, oils, include errands & personal class, meal planning, etc.
  5. {work in progress}