dewy // radiant // hydrated // well rested
  1. Be kind! Smile in mirror + optional affirmation {hiya gorgeous}
  2. exfoliate with gentle scrub :: 1 part sugar, 3 parts baking soda, jojoba oil + essential oils of choice {lemon, lavender, ylang ylang}
  3. Orange Blossom face wash Young Living {bright + uplifting} ah-mazing aromatherapy to start the day! Love this ritual!!
  4. Sandalwood Moisture Cream Young Living {deep moisture ideal for winter or dry summer skin:: protects}
  5. Frankincense dabbed on fine lines
  6. Wolfberry Eye Cream Young Living {wonderful!!}
  7. Evening :: lemon EO dabbed (diluted) on dark spots // purification EO light mask