1. The Peppermill , Las Vegas
    Big Portions , always Busy 24/7. I get the waffle combo, if I get the pancake combo it's way to much food . Have a mai tai in the lounge first . Eclectic place .
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  3. The Pantry -Downtown Los Angeles
    Never Closes . It's iconic , No frills . Pancakes are really good.
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  5. Planet Dailies -Planet Hollywood Hotel , Las Vegas
    I call it the "Worlds Greatest French Toast" it's made with Challah Bread . Well worth the price .
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  7. The Griddle Cafe - Hollywood Ca
    To be honest, I've only been once , on my last birthday . I ordered what is call "recess time ". It's a strudel topped stack of pancakes . Excellent, but you honestly need at least 4 people to finish it . I may have had 30% of it .
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  9. YOLK- Chicago
    Excellent quality food, eaten at 2 locations , on 2 trips , I loved that you can have pancakes instead of toast
  10. Ruby Slipper Cafe - New Orleans
    Great place, I go for Breakfast every trip to Nola ,