1. The releast talks you'll ever have will be in and/or in line for the bathroom
    "You're LITERALLY amazing and I love you"
  2. Most drunk girls really love giving compliments
  3. Halloween is a week long event
    New England's Mardi Gras
  4. When someone asks if it's "loud," they are not referring to the music.
    Learn from my mistake and use Urban Dictionary before you speak, always.
  5. If you're living in a dorm, lock your doors.
    Stoners will get confused and accidentally enter your room/try to climb into bed with you sleepily. Silly stoners.
  6. "White parties" are not white supremacist gatherings, nor are they suggesting that you should wear white.
    The third option
  7. Midterms are always happening. You may very well have a midterm the first week of classes.
    But mid... Middle? No? Ok.
  8. You don't know evil until someone takes your wet clothes out of the dryer before the cycle ends.
    Eighth deadly sin.