Things I'd like to know, but it's now too late to ask.
  1. Why do people say "No, yeah" to confirm things, "Yeah, no" to decline, and "Yeah, no, maybe" for everything else?
    No sense does this make.
  2. What's up with Canada? Why do I know nothing about it except for its relation to the U.S.?
    What have they been doing over there? Why does no one talk about it? Is the crack addict still the mayor?
  3. Where is Nelly Furtado?
    Did she go to Canada? Is she with Jackie Chan?
  4. Why can't you use your phone during take off?
    Does it mess with the plane? Do they just not want you on our phone? Are they needy for your attention? Do they think we are calling up some geese?
  5. How are blind people supposed to find those tiny ass Braille engravings on the wall?
    Do they just feel around until they find them? I don't think I can ever ask this out loud.
  6. What the hell is a Bitcoin?
    I can't help but think of Super Mario money.