'Guy' is a neutral term, according to my brain.
  1. That guy who likes to sing in the car, but makes everyone else be quiet.
    Most of the time it's Journey.
  2. That guy who wears weed socks un-ironically.
    Go to Venice skatepark. Observe the pre-pubescent bystanders.
  3. That guy who is really, really into his or her workout "regimen" and/or diet. Sorry, I mean "lifestyle."
    "My body is my temple."
  4. That guy who is a generally lovely human being but you just can't help but hate them.
    I hate their face.
  5. That guy who hates lovely humans for no reason.
    I don't know why. Don't ask me why.
  6. That guy who you can tell what he or she will look like when they're elderly.
  7. That guy who tells you not to get them anything for his/her birthday, so you don't, and they get mad about it.
  8. That guy who asks you to like his or her social media posts.
  9. That guy who responds to the "I could totally make that" modern art diss by saying, "Yeah, but you didn't."
    Well played.
  10. That guy who says, 'time to get a watch,' when you ask them what time it is.
    The worst kind of person.