I Want to Watch Twin Peaks but Can't Because...

  1. The log lady
    This was the start of the crazy. It's where you go "what the fuck am I watching."
  2. Dr. Lawrence Jacoby
    You know how every time he came on screen he alluded to something gross with someone, or when he has on a tie with a woman on it with a grass skirt and he spends the entire time lifting the skirt up with his hand and stroking it?
  3. Killer Bob
    Yeah this is still how I react to killer Bob when he appears in my mind out of nowhere. My roommate had to sleep with the light on if I even mentioned his name.
  4. The
  5. Freaking
  6. Dreams
  7. Fucking Leo Johnson
  8. In conclusion, David Lynch is the author of my nightmares, and twin peaks will probably remain unfinished in my Netflix queue.