I don't want to talk to you about it! There is nothing left to say! Watch me write about it and then on Friday watch it all go away. This is mainly me reminding myself.
  1. Local
    Someone who treats my heart with respect.
  2. Local
    Someone who treats my heart with kindness.
  3. Local
    Someone who tells me the truth and doesn't leave things out because they know that it will break my heart. If you know that it will, then you know that it's bad and you shouldn't be doing it. So why do it? It is black and white for me. You see in gray.
  4. Local
    Someone who wants me. Just me. And shows me through their actions, not just their words.
  5. Local
    Someone who would not purposely try to hurt me.
  6. Local
    Someone I trust.
  7. Local
    Someone who makes me feel good.
  8. Local
    Someone who makes me feel loved.
  9. Local
    I rarely say "I deserve" because I don't deserve a lot of things. But I do deserve these things. I deserve to be in a relationship built on trust, mutual respect and kindness. I deserve to not feel so sick to my stomach all the time I cant eat or sleep. I deserve to dream good dreams. I deserve to not feel crazy all the fucking time. I deserve patience and dedication because I am fucking worth it. I fucking deserve to be chosen. I won't beg for you to do it.
  10. I would say give it to me, but you won't.
    What you're offering I don't want. And more importantly, I don't deserve. And neither does she. Believe I'm not thrilled to be talking about it either. But she deserves all these things too.
  11. So fucking get it together I guess
    Idk. I was always very bad at endings