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Although my mother and I didn't have a very close and loving relationship my entire childhood, we surely made up for it, but much to late in life. She passed without warning of a massive stroke and cardiac arrest. She wasn't a healthy person but I expected to have her around a little longer. Here are reasons why I miss her. (some are humorous)
  1. She didn't have any trouble telling anyone where they could go
    She once told my high-school boyfriend that she'd knock his dick in the dirt. Apparently he didn't doubt her. He left immediately.
  2. She may have been petite but she was mean
    She chased my father down with a butcher knife (he was driving a semi) and threatened to chop his Johnson into tiny pieces because she didn't like the way his new wife treated us kids
  3. She said what was on her mind
    She went to my step mothers funeral just to see if she was really dead. She leaned over her casket and said "ha! I out lived you bitch!"
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I'm in Burlington Vermont for the week for training. Never been here before and I'm pretty sure I could eat my way through this city. I will keep this list active and add as I go.
  1. Verita Pizzeria
    This place was absolutely amazing! I've never had pizza this good!
  2. On the shore of Lake Champlain
    A little chilly but beautiful. Not sure why my picture is sideways. I was completely sober.
  3. A Single Pebble
    A traditional Chinese restaurant with a flare. Rotating center for everyone to share!
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  1. My coworker going below and beyond the call of duty
    As lab implementation specialists we are found in awkward situations at times, usually untangling miles of cables and wires when hooking up to the network and such.
  2. My mini dachshund Rue
    Attitude, very vocal and my bestest friend. I love her one blue eye/zombie eye
  3. Halloween 2015
    I haven't dressed up for Halloween in a very long time. Handmade costume of a cyborg. Totally cool I think. Except I was a chunkyborg
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We should all keep a list of sayings from our elders. Quite possibly lessons to live by. Many of these are from my husband's grandfather.
  1. If you can't get out of your own way, one of you needs to stand still
  2. You're about as aggravating as a loose broom handle
  3. If there's a doubt in your mind, it's there for a reason
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  1. First and foremost a writer. I'm convinced I missed my calling some days.
  2. Photographer. I am also convinced the first two in my list would go hand in hand.
  3. Food/Restaurant critic. I'm noticing a trend here. This too coincides with my other choices.
  1. Spending the day with my husband
    Couple of casinos on Friday the 13th, lunch and now grilling some wings
  2. Watching Emil dance with Sophie
  3. Being woke up by my weiner dog
    She insist on being in between me and my husband and will roll all over our heads until we get up.
  1. 1.
    Never wanting to miss a photo of my girls from snapchat, I captured a video instead.
  2. 2.
    Searching ancestry.com and found a picture of my mom when she was a teenager.
  3. 3.
    Another snapchat from one of my girls. I immediately screenshot a pic not knowing what they are sending.
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