Although my mother and I didn't have a very close and loving relationship my entire childhood, we surely made up for it, but much to late in life. She passed without warning of a massive stroke and cardiac arrest. She wasn't a healthy person but I expected to have her around a little longer. Here are reasons why I miss her. (some are humorous)
  1. She didn't have any trouble telling anyone where they could go
    She once told my high-school boyfriend that she'd knock his dick in the dirt. Apparently he didn't doubt her. He left immediately.
  2. She may have been petite but she was mean
    She chased my father down with a butcher knife (he was driving a semi) and threatened to chop his Johnson into tiny pieces because she didn't like the way his new wife treated us kids
  3. She said what was on her mind
    She went to my step mothers funeral just to see if she was really dead. She leaned over her casket and said "ha! I out lived you bitch!"
  4. She could crochet anything
    She always made me hats and scarves when she knew I was traveling to cold places. I miss this a lot.
  5. She made the best Coca-Cola cake.
    She once used cheerwine instead of coke. It was scrumptious!
  6. She loved to travel.
    She had been to every u.s. state but 2 when she passed. Her license tag read "inagoes". (Her name was Ina) She use to drive a semi too!
  7. More to come...