We should all keep a list of sayings from our elders. Quite possibly lessons to live by. Many of these are from my husband's grandfather.
  1. If you can't get out of your own way, one of you needs to stand still
  2. You're about as aggravating as a loose broom handle
  3. If there's a doubt in your mind, it's there for a reason
  4. When you dig a hole for yourself, you create a hill. It's up to you where you stand
  5. You ain't got to be a big man, just be a good man
  6. That's dryer than a popcorn fart
  7. Grandson: "How old are you when you quit worrying about women?" Papa: "you better find somebody older than me boy!"
  8. Always listen to an old man's story. You'll probably learn something you won't learn from a book
  9. If you can't fix it, tear it down and paint it white
  10. Live according to your billfold. When it's flat, lay low.
  11. When you're running hard on your journey remember to walk the last mile.