Interesting suggestion. To add my own twist, I am gonna search letter by letter.
  1. D
    Maybe roDriguez?
  2. Da
    There were no results. I was sad.
  3. Dan
    I guess his name is Dan, but appreciate his gesture/reaction
  4. Dani
    Sass and inspiration. And any time someone has your name in a movie or a standardized test, you jump a little inside.
  5. Danie
    I. Don't. Know. I think it is supposed to be "damn you dan" but its trippy and gives me a bit of a headache.
  6. Daniel
    Giphy downsized medium
    Back at it with those white vans. Too bad I don't have vans, let alone white ones.
  7. Daniell
    Unrelated (in my mind) to the name, but EXTREMELY relevant to my life
  8. Danielle
    A nice conclusion 👍🏼