Plastic Surgeon's Office 3000. Danielle -5. This is my way to vent so yah.
  1. Ok today one of the dudes who is on my level of hierarchy but in accounting (I am in operations) came AN HOUR late.
  2. Incorrect, Sir.
  3. Oh and the AC is broken.
  4. And. Everyone. Feels. Inclined. To. Tell. Me. It. Is. Hot.
  5. Oh really? I didnt realize.
  6. "Youre sweaty baby!" No shit. Ive been here for 2 hours with the AC at 80 wearing pants and a long sleeve button down. So yeah. Im sweaty.
  7. I also have no idea what I am supposed to do. And when I ask, my bosses do not have an answer.
  8. Ok so there was a bunch of craziness from 11-3 pm. And now there is somewhat of a lull but someone shit in the bathroom and it smells
  9. And everyone brings it up. And is hella dramatic.
  10. And someone forgot to do her job and take lab work. Like what.
  11. And we arent even done with the day yet.