My favorite podcasts... in no particular order
  1. SYSK...Stuff You Should Know
    Josh n Chuckers are the best at explaining and educating me on all kinds of stuff without being boring
  2. The Read
    Kid Fury and Crissle talk sh*t about sh*t (they get into some really important topics too) and i love it. Their READ of the day are always hilarious and sometimes poignant. Good times, every time.
    Sir PFT (Paul F Tompkins) and 3 improv friends tackle random locations as a backdrop for a long form improv narrative. Exceptionally funny and all scored by the wonderful Eben Schletter.
  4. Brilliant Idiots
    Charlemagne tha God and Andrew Schultz are indeed a pair of smart-ass idiots that every now n then make valid arguments on random topics. Foul and funny... beware cuz they get into all kinds of discussions that can go nowhere or EVERYWHERE
  5. Wait Wait Don't Tell Me
    Peter Sagal is your consummate host and brings the funny, along with 3 special guests, equally funny to current notable events. The panel is quick witted, funny, and you learn something too!
  6. How Did This Get Made?
    Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, and Jason Mantzoukas are hilarious and great fun to listen to as they skewer movies that serves up head-scratching plot and confusion plot devices & tropes. It's given me reason to take another look at a many "classic" movies i enjoyed and discover new ones that i never ventured to watch.
  7. Denzel Washington Is The Greatest Actor of All Tinge Time, Period
    Kevin & Kamau review every movie that Denzel has starred/appeared in and offer up just why this statement holds up. They are funny and smart and made me look at Denzel with a different eye. They also serve up great guests and discuss many noteworthy topics before dissecting why Denzel is the greatest of all time, period.
  8. Code Switch
    Gene and Shareen host a show that delves deep into race and relations in America and abroad. Many stories are filtered from recent events and hot topics but some are human interest pieces. It gives a close lens look at life from all points of view in various cultures and ethnicities
  9. Yo, Is This Racist
    Andrew Ti and a very special sometimes funny guest discuss race based on voice mails left by a random caller that wants to know did they experience racism or were they racially offensive. Most of the time (ne all) the answer is yes, but it opens up a great discussion between the guest n Andrew- offering up varying view points and leads to many other topics as well. Though racism is never solved it is always a lively and sometimes heavy discussion. It leaves me amazed how racism is still a thing.