it's a means to an that i need the shows to end so i can get my hours back.
  1. Scandal
    I used to love this show... then the kidnapping of Olivia Pope happened and it went the way of absurd. I can barely recognize this show now and newly everyone on it is annoying. When will ABC put it out of its misery??😕
  2. DC Legends of Tomorrow
    I'm only watching for info that might relate to The Flash. I have not one interest in any of these characters. NONE. Although season 2 was more interesting with Reverse flash and the Legion of Doom was introduced
  3. Chicago Med
    Ugghh...I. Just. Don't. Care. I only watch for the crossovers with PD and Fire.
  4. The Walking Dead
    This season's been a toss-up. TWD has been my numero uno show since day 1, but that effing overly loquacious, one -act Negan is soooooo overblown; it's ruining the season for me. I fast-forward through most of his scenes. We get it - he's evil, he likes to bash skulls, he loves to say dick, he has a harem...Who. The. F**k. Cares?? At this point it's an old tune & quite boring after the 3rd listen. I hope this "war" next season ends fast and Negan it's dispatched in the 1st few episodes🙏🙏