100 YEARS OF LI.ST 🕰 (1985)

A totally radical list Inspired by @jakebrandman INTRODUCING "100 YEARS OF LI.ST" 🕰
  1. Can you believe that stamps cost 22¢?!
    This is totally not tubular dude.
  2. New comic strip! Calvin and Hobbs
    I can tell these guys are going places. There's no chance we'll ever see them pissing on truck logos or anything like that.
  3. Coca-Cola released "new coke"
    It wasn't good. It only lasted 3 months before they decided to bring back the classic.
  4. "We are the world" just came out.
    There are a lot of famous people in it. I'm betting some of them will not be as famous in a few years. Just a guess.
  5. They just created something called the "domain name system".
    It has something to do with "the Internet" which sounds like a nasty spider web. Hard pass.
  6. Scientists discovered a hole in the ozone.
    Wow. I'm sure everyone will change their behaviors now.
    Holy shit the future is going to be ammazzzinnngggggg!
  8. Also this is a thing...
    Totally not dangerous and trendy af.