1. Being born
    I took a while. So long in fact that my dad and older brother left the hospital to test drive cars. My dad bought a Pontiac Fiero which he still remembers fondly.
  2. My first word
    It was dad. My brother's was "charge card" which was way more impressive. Fun fact, my brother ended up with crippling credit card debt in his 20s.
  3. School
    I wasn't a great student, but neither was my dad. We had that in common. That said, he expected more from me. That was a mistake.
  4. Sports
    A star athlete I was not. I ran track and cross country. Probably two of the more disappointing sports a father could hope for. He didn't come to many meets, but one time he made it just in time to see me lose a shoe. He still brings that up from time to time.
  5. Right now. Writing this list.
    "You're doing what? Why?"
  6. And now
  7. And now