A list requested by @3EyedCatOfMystery
  1. Relax the pants. 👖😌
    Ask the pants about their day. Compliment the pants "Are you even skinnier?" Pants love this stuff.
  2. Play the pants some light jazz.👖🎷
    Nothing relaxes a situation like light jazz. That's why they play it at the dentist.
  3. Get the pants drunk.👖🍺
    Everyone loosens up after a few drinks. Not too many though, you still need consent.
  4. Surprise the pants.👖😳
    "Is that a sweet pair of shorts?" When the pants look, jump inside the pants. Now the pants are on you and even the pants know that taking them back off would be a whole thing.
  5. Settle on sweats.👖🍕
    Sweatpants never silently judge you for putting on a few pounds. Sweatpants love you just the way you are.