Jobs I've had over the years...

A little glimpse into what makes me tick 🤔
  1. Shoe Shine
    Like I legit shined fucken shoes. I was really good tho and made BANK 😎
  2. Drove that cart that picks up the golf balls.
    It was awful. People try to hit you and it's scary af. 😳
  3. Busboy
    Dirty plates and dishes. 😒
  4. Server
    Banquets and weddings. I did this for a while and became head server which is just as depressing as it sounds. 😒
  5. Bartender
    Hated it. Made good money but dealing with drunks was not for me. 😒
  6. Direct mail company
    I stuffed envelopes, ran inserting machines. It was a very mundane job. 😒
  7. Started working for my parents
    They started a newspaper in 1989. Never thought I would work for them. After 6 years I took partnership in the business. I now own as much as they do and will take it over fully in a year or two. 😳
  8. I started a web consulting business
    Websites yo! I've been making dumb things on the Internet since 2002 so I figured I could make money doing it too. In 2006 I officially started my company. I actually enjoy designing things.
  9. I "cofounded a startup".
    It was bad. We raised money. Like a lot. We never really got anywhere. The other founders were ok with this. I was not. I left. I think one is still there?
  10. What I've learned...
    No matter what the job, I have taken something valuable from each. Even shitty experiences are pieces of who you are. Without any of these jobs I don't think I would be the same me. Knowing that I used to shine friggen shoes makes present day success all the sweeter.