Oh, hey there. 👋🏻 Yep, it's me.
  1. You might remember me from such classics as this:
  2. And this:
  3. Or maybe you've seen my dumb tweets:
  4. Or maybe you don't even know me
  5. Either way, I do many dumb things. I also do this:
  6. It's extra dumb, but that's ok.
  7. Annnnyway, I just wanted to share this with you.
    Because we are close like that.
  8. Also if you like writing really dumb things, you should!
    You can post funny things you find or make your own. There are even... LISTS! Yep. Glorious lists.
  9. At a minimum, if you wanted to just follow (at)kipzio on the Twitter, that would be cool too.
  10. K bye 👋🏻