This app has been downhill for months which is a huge shame because it had the potential to be an amazing place.
  1. Now I, like others, will be looking to export all of my content.
  2. You took away relisting, which was a massive mistake. Now drafts? It's like no one at this app has any common sense and continue to change just to stay "fresh".
  3. You apparently have decided to forget about the people who needed this place and made it a home. You forgot the reasons they felt safe & free to express themselves here.
  4. You jumped at the chance to promote brands and celebrities instead of amazing creative people who shared pieces of themselves.
    Not me. Actually talented people.
  5. So I now say goodbye. 👋🏻 To those who I've met here, it's likely we've already connected elsewhere. If not, find me on Twitter! @papasuncle
  6. Maybe Angela or Creed will make an app someday and then destroy it piece by piece.
    Who knows?