1. Working.
    I make websites and work from home mostly. Today it's a cookie website. Like actual cookies not internet cookies. Although they are on the internet so I guess they are Internet cookies. Anyway I digress.
  2. Watching Ally McBeal
    Yeah. That's right. You got a problem?
  3. Thinking about lunch 🤔
    Maybe pizza? Maybe cereal? Tough one.
  4. Thinking about Waldo 🤔
    From Family Matters. Like is he financially secure? He's probably not ballin, but i'd hate to see him working at a grocery store or something. There should be a program like welfare for former TV sitcom actors/actresses. It's for the best we not see them do normal stuff.
  5. Writing this quick list so people like @solena can keep up with me because they don't follow me on the Twitter.
    I tweet very dumb things it's prob for the best. twitter.com/papasuncle
  6. That's all 👋🏻