Things people say when you're self employed

  1. "Must be nice."
    It can be. Mostly it means working when other people are relaxing.
  2. "You get to make your own hours?"
    Yes I do. Usually they are 6am-midnight.
  3. "I hate my boss. I wish I worked for myself."
    You will hate yourself more than you hate your current boss.
  4. "I only have a week of vacation time."
    If I don't work, I don't get paid. Ever.
  5. "I just got a raise."
    Awesome! If I want a raise, I have to work more. No matter how much I think I deserve it anyway.
  6. "I wish I could work for myself."
    You can. Probably. But I wouldn't recommend it unless you're cool with all of the above.