1. When you see an ad on Facebook for a Kickstarter campaign.
    So you have money for Facebook ads, but not to make your product? I'm calling shenanigans.
  2. When you hold the door for someone and they just walk on by.
    Must be nice to be so friggen cool. Asshole. I should actually say this next time.
  3. When someone you know starts selling essential oils.
    You know it's a pyramid scheme right? Like Amway or phone service in the 90s. "Well sure I've spent $1,000, but I've SAVED like $3000!" So wait, you have $1,000 worth of essential oil? Would you have bought that much otherwise?
  4. When you're behind someone at Walmart who pays with food stamps, but then also buys a 65" TV, and a shitload of DVDs.
    Like 50 DVDs you guys. It's 2016.
  5. When the recommended list is only brands, celebs and app creators.
    Myself excluded, there are a ton of awesome people creating great content on here. I'm sure showing brands makes you look more legit, but I bet if you showed off some of the real folks on here, people would take to it just as I have.