Just in case you need a few options.
  1. You could start that book you've been meaning to read.
    But let's be honest, you won't.
  2. You could watch something on Netflix.
    If you hadn't binged through everything already.
  3. You could clean the bathroom.
    But it would just get dirty again anyway.
  4. You could host your own debate.
    Take both sides of an argument all by yourself.
  5. You could read my dumb articles on Kipzio.com.
    But let's be honest, you won't.
  6. You could call your grandma.
    She would love to hear from you more.
  7. You could knit a sweater.
    I bet there's a YouTube video.
  8. You could watch the debate ironically and tweet about it hoping that one joke catches fire and you go viral.
    But you'll probably just delete them all in the morning.
  9. You could make a list about other things to do.
    Tag me in it so I feel important.