I'm pretty sure most schools have banned dodgeball at this point as too many parents complained. Pshh. Either way, we're adults now, so there are more important things to avoid.
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    Dodge responsibility
    What? Boss wants everyone to stay late? Sorry, I have a doctors appointment. BYE👋🏻
  2. •
    Dodge people you used to know
    Is that Megan from high school?? Fuck that. 🏃🏻
  3. •
    Dodge people's rants on Facebook
    Scroll fast or you'll never escape. 😒
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    Dodge Viper
    This one's two fold. Always avoid snakes, but also avoid the Dodge Viper. It's very expensive and people will hate you for driving it. 🏎
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    Dodge insults by making them yourself
    Wow, you really used to be much funnier. 😧
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    Dodge commercials by upgrading your Hulu account.
    What am I Rockefeller?? I'll just zone them out.