Things you can dodge besides balls...

I'm pretty sure most schools have banned dodgeball at this point as too many parents complained. Pshh. Either way, we're adults now, so there are more important things to avoid.
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    Dodge responsibility
    What? Boss wants everyone to stay late? Sorry, I have a doctors appointment. BYE👋🏻
  2. •
    Dodge people you used to know
    Is that Megan from high school?? Fuck that. 🏃🏻
  3. •
    Dodge people's rants on Facebook
    Scroll fast or you'll never escape. 😒
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    Dodge Viper
    This one's two fold. Always avoid snakes, but also avoid the Dodge Viper. It's very expensive and people will hate you for driving it. 🏎
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    Dodge insults by making them yourself
    Wow, you really used to be much funnier. 😧
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    Dodge commercials by upgrading your Hulu account.
    What am I Rockefeller?? I'll just zone them out.