Things you should know about me 🤔

I don't like most people, but this app and the awesome people here on make me feel like sharing.
  1. I drink a ridiculous amount of Pure Leaf Iced Tea.
    Also I buy them every single day. Could I just buy a case? Sure. But it's part of my routine so shut up.
  2. I have a cat named Winston and he's the shit.
    He's a blue point Siamese and also a member of my family.
  3. I design things. Web, Print & Beyond.
    I've been making stuff on the Internet since dialup. I enjoy it... mostly. Some clients are awesome and some are not. I have two list requests on how to be an amazing web client and how to lose your web designer. I'll get to them soon.👍🏻
  4. I have a 5yo and he too is awesome.
    He's like a little me. How could I not love that? Also pictured is my equally amazing wife @christy21
  5. I cofounded a "tech startup"
    We raised a bunch of money. It was a disaster. I hated it from the beginning and it almost drove me insane. I will write a full list on this someday.