Thoughts I've had since waking up

  1. Maybe they will run out of celebrity houses and they will have to feature ME on cribs.
  2. What did I eat last night? Maybe my stomach is off because I haven't had breakfast?
  3. How rich do I have to be to justify a butler?
  4. Biz idea: A shopping site called Robin that alerts you to sale prices on items you want with a "cheap cheap" audio notification.
  5. Maybe I'll just go to breakfast at the little restaurant in town.
  6. I have a lot of work to do today.
  7. I don't want to work.
  8. I wonder if Val Kilmer is happy.
  9. Why did I binge all the good shows instead of spreading them out a bit?
  10. My cat has it pretty good.
  11. Maybe it's the three cups of coffee without eating that is making my stomach upset.
  12. *tries to think of funny tweet*
  13. *realizes I've already done it*
  14. *saves it to my drafts anyway*
  15. I wonder what job Zack Morris would have had as an adult. 🤔
  16. Like literally, what is your life?
  17. Ok, you should eat. Let's put on some pants.