Throwback Thursday: The Larry Sanders Show

If you're like me and have already watched everything, here's a fantastic show you may not have considered.
  1. You remember, don't you?
  2. We had HBO when I was a kid. Sure I'd try to watch the occasional soft core porn now and then, but the one show I'd always sneak late night was The Larry Sanders Show.
  3. I just recently found it on demand and I'm streaming the entire series again. Here are a few notes.
  4. This show was fantastic and still stands up.
    There was a Clinton in the White House so...
  5. It was the launchpad for so many comedians, actors and actresses.
  6. You forget just how many until you watch the first season.
    You may not remember all the names but you'll recognize almost everyone.
  7. This list goes on...
  8. So If you've already blown through all the new stuff, binge on this.