TV Show Mashups 📺

The TV executives have run out of ideas! Now YOU have to make a primetime lineup using only existing shows and characters. GO!
  1. So You Think You Can House
    Average people are thrown on stage and given one hour to diagnose a serious medical condition.
  2. Everybody Loves Seinfeld
    Jerry gets married and moves down to Florida to live across the street from his parents. Parody ensues.
  3. Friend's Anatomy
    It's just like friends, only they are all doctors. Joey kills a guy in the first 5 minutes.
  4. The Office Jeopardy
    It's Jeopardy, but all the questions are about The Office. I'll take this 5 nights a week, Alex.
  5. Inescapable Kimmy Kardashian
    You can't escape. She's everywhere.
  6. Friday Night Frasier
    Frasier ends up coaching a football team and has to b.s. his way through it. Having Niles as an assistant coach won't make it any easier!
    Suggested by   @TVAddict
  7. Let's Make An America's Next Top Model
    Monty Hall combs the studio audience for the two contestants who have the most supermodel-y items in their handbags—these two contestants then procreate (behind a curtain) and a child is born. The child is raised under the smizing tutelage of Tyra Banks and then released to the wolves of the modeling industry. Will they get a contract with IMG? They'd better, because there IS NO CONSOLATION PRIZE. P.S. It is a very long show.
    Suggested by   @alligeeshow
  8. 30 Rock From The Sun
    Liz Lemon finds 4 new cast members for her show. But Dick Harry Sally and Tommy aren't used to Earth Comedy show's rules...
    Suggested by   @igrec_O
  9. The Mindy Project Runway
    Dr. Lahiri gives fashion advice to her quirky co-hosts while delivering babies, "One day you're in and the next you're out!"
    Suggested by   @troydarling
  10. Chopped and Recreation
    The parks crew judges contestant's cooking skills. The challenge is finding the balance between Leslie's sweet tooth and Chris's healthy tooth.
    Suggested by   @emmma
  11. Boardwalk; Empire??
    Talented, entrepreneurial African-Americans travel back in time to teach old white mobsters what hip-hop & R & B is....hijinks & tommy guns ensue!!!
    Suggested by   @human_otter
  12. Pointless Kardashians
    Game show where people try to guess why they are famous. (Yes I did research to find a UK show I had never heard of to create this!)
    Suggested by   @olivia_michele
  13. I Dream of Kimmy Schmidt
    KIMMY is a GENIE, and TITUS ANDROMEDON is an astronaut! Can you imagine???
    Suggested by   @rebeccamaepeter
  14. Master of The Island
    Dev is stuck on a supernatural island with all his friends. It's a comedy.
    Suggested by   @mrkylematz
  15. House of Interest
    An omniscient computer algorithm monitors the health of people in New York through traffic cameras, Internet search history, medical records, etc. Dr. House and his team discretely and covertly diagnose and treat the ailments without the patient knowing.
    Suggested by   @mrkylematz