1. I have 10x the followers on Twitter but get 10x the engagement here.
    What's that about?
  2. People are really nice on li.st
    Like really nice.
  3. No matter how stupid the list, at least a few people will like it... And will have actually read it too.
    Like actually read my dumb thoughts. Crazy.
  4. I felt like part of the community within the first three days.
    I still don't feel welcome any place else.
  5. I feel some false sense of exclusivity.
    It's only open to everyone now.
  6. Anytime I go to post on Twitter, I think in lists.
    It's becoming a real issue.
  7. I'm not inundated with ads.
    I mean sure, JoAnn Fabrics is constantly pushing their agenda, but I'm cool with it.
  8. Also, I posted this list 20 mins ago and...